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International Spiritual Film Festival India-2018, Bhopal

from 19th January 2018 to 23rd January 2018


Bharat Bhawan - Bhopal & Tribal Museum - Bhopal


The International Spiritual film festival India

The International Spiritual film festival India focus on screening conscious illuminating cinema, we are inviting and nominating films across the globe, which aims to spread peace harmony and compassion amongst global audience through innovative spiritual and conscious Cinema emphasizing on edification - peace and humanity. We tend to promote holistic growth of art and culture and our culture is deeply rooted to spirituality.

This festival is more of Conscious Illumination and humane, providing platform to film makers (who tend to work toward consciousness alternative cinema and promoting love peace and humanity) besides the screening of the movies festival includes talks, workshops and seminars, concept of spiritual film festival is unique and first of its kind in India. People from different part of India and Globe will come to witness the paradigm Shift towards spreading peace, happiness and Uniting world through spirituality and Conscious Cinema.